VoicePOD (Android 2.0 up) 3.7 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

VoicePOD (Android 2.0 up) 3.7 Free Download screenshot

Voice commands for your Android 2.0 or greater

Voice actions for Android 2.0 or greater phones.

Ideal in hands-free situations,like driving.

Now with Headset-mode : eyes-free and hands-free, just keep your phone locked in your pocket, and click your headset button to say a command.

Regular wired headsets are supported. Most Bluetooth headsets are not supported due to technical problems.

VoicePod executes voice commands by voice recognition:

"What can i say?"




"Read sms"


"Show Memos"

"Read Memos"

"Complete Memo"

"Copy text"

"Search Google"

"Search contact"






"Read tracks"

"Show news"

"Read news"

"Meaning of"

"Turn WiFi on"

"Turn WiFi off"

"Turn GPS on" and "Turn GPS off" (due to system restrictions only shows control panel)

"Loud ringer"

"Medium ringer"

"Low ringer"



NOTE : You can customize the words of each command!

Requires regular phone internet connection, since it uses "Google Voice Search" (free in Market).

PLEASE NOTE: The voice recognition is based on Google's service, and if it does not understand your commands, it's not VoicePod's fault! To improve the recognition, try to speak loud and clear. Thank you.

ALSO NOTE: Google has changed the time limit for evaluating an app before you can get refund : it is now only 10 minutes! This is Google's choice, so remember you have about 10 minutes to try VoicePod and eventually get refund, if you want to!

System Requirements:

No special requirements

VoicePOD (Android 2.0 up) 3.7 Free Download screenshot